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World Cup 2002 Korea Japan Special: All matches chronological
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In this document you can browse through the tournament in chronological succession.

> #1-#16 (1st group matches)
#17-#32 (2nd group matches)
> #33-#48 (3rd group matches)
> #49-#64 (knock out rounds)


day 6
Jun 5 1130 GMT  Germany - Ireland 1:1 (final score)
1st half:
Has the famous German luck returned with coach Rudi Völler or is it the class of some particular players? Ireland with the better opportunities  (for example a Holland shot which was an exact copy of his goal against Cameroon but this time went narrowly wide) and a lot of domination, but Germany with the first goal when Michael Ballack connected with shooting star Miroslav Klose who headed the ball past Irish keeper Given ('19).
They were not seen in front of the Irish goal anymore until 20 minutes later with a dangerous attack.
Ireland relentlessly attacked but could not break down the German defence until Robbie Keane had the golden opportunity a few minutes before halftime but his bycicle kick all alone in front of the goal went into the wrong direction.
2nd half:
A huge save by Oliver Kahn denied Damian Duff the goal he deserved for his relentless work at the German defence ('57) as the Irish continued to have more of the match.
In the following Germany defended well and themselves had a good opportunity for Jancker after 68 minutes.
Robbie Keane had a free kick attempt wide ('77), from best position, 17 meters, central to the goal, just 2 minutes after the Irish free kick genius Ian Harte had been substituted. Klose, unchallenged, made a header across the bar on the other side.
The player seemed more tired now, especially the Irish what allowed the Germans to dominate the midfield now.
Kahn rescued against Keane who was suddenly sent through ('83). Half chances on bot sides and an opportunity for Quinn (Ireland, 87) followed as the match broke more open.
Kahn rescued against Keane, but the situation had been falsely called offside ('89).
('90+2) a long cross into the penalty area and Robbie Keane broke through with the ball and scored from 4 meters distance: 1:1

day 7
Jun 6 0630 GMT  Danmark -Senegal  1:1  (final score)
1st half:
-'1 -'10 A careful beginning with a slight Senegalese domination due to their strenght in one to one challenges. Danmark luring for counter attacks with their fast and dangerous strikers. Danish Sand and Senegalese Fadiga see yellow as the match has some early ill tempered moments.
-('15) Senegal pay for their physical style early: Diao puts his body in against Tomasson a little too much, Tomasson makes a stop, is hit, falls easily and the referee says penalty. Tomasson converts himself 1:0
-('18) corner for Senegal (another questional decision), and a Danish defender stops a header on the line, Senegal have a second big chance, but it is stopped for offside.
-('19) another odd decision as Tomasson, scoring, seems to be stopped for alleged handball (including yellow card) but it rather appeared to have been his chest
-'21 -'30 Half chances for both. Senegal are able to put some pressure on the Danish find it difficult to stop the quick Danish attacks.
-'('32) A big chance as Senegal prove they are a threat at set pieces. A free kick cross is just missed by several Senegalese players.
-'31 -'45 Senegal with more of the match and a good opportunity for Fadiga ('43). The referee team with a few more little mistakes.
The Danish style, physically and technically well, fast, and very intelligent and opportunistic, is very difficult to play for Africans, as already the Nigerians have experienced. A related but less physical style has proved poison in the past for Africans as Cameroon (1:6, 0:4) against Russia and Zaire (0:9) against Yugouslavia have experienced.
Considered this, the Senegalese, play a very good game, as the Danees do, too.
2nd half:
-Senegal are not a high scoring team. During the African Cup Of Nations they have scored less than one goal in average per 90 minutes. In El Hadj Diouf they have a relentless worker but he is not a Vieri type of goalgetter. 
'46-50 Now they brought on right winger Henri Camera and striker Souleymane Camera and the Danes seem surprised by the new variations in the Senegalese game. Immediately Senegal have three goal scenes. Unfortunately in the biggest one, Camera makes a header wide when the better positioned Bouba Diop in his back seems to have a sure goal on his head.
-('52) Danmark attacks and Senegal win the ball at the right hand edge of their penalty area. From here the most sophisticated and fast counter attack yet seen at this tournament starts (a copy of the Danes game, even more perfect). In the end Fadiga sets up Diao who shoves the ball into the right corner - 1:1
-'53-'60 Senegal continue to dominate the match with fast attacks and a more exposed defence now. The Danish keeper catches several balls but without problems.
-('63) A long kick by Senegalese keeper on Souleymane Camera who brakes almost through and is stopped in the last moment already inside the penalty area by a defender. He is brought down, hardly impossible to tell whether a foul involved or not, the referee says play on.
-('70) The daring Senegalese 4-2-1-3 continues to produce chances against the energy conserving Danes:
A must score situation for Senegal, when Diouf plays free Souleymane Camera who only hits the outside of the net.
-('73) Diatta with a dangerous header wide after a Fadiga corner
-('78) Danamrk prove they are always capable to exploit single situations. They have a good opportunity after a corner and the Senegalese throw themselves into several shots in the last moment.
-('80) Goal scorer Diao sees the red card immediately for a dangerous tackle. Senegal are down to ten.
-('82) Danish defender Helveg who has been provoking and fouling throughout the match especially against Fadiga, sees a long deserved yellow card for a fould against Souleymane Camera.
-('83) Bruno Metsu substitutes Souleymane Camera, a tactical shift after the red card.
-('84) Poulsen sees what seems to be the 100th yellow card of the match.
-('88) Fadiga and  Diouf almoust play through 5 Danes but are stopped 10 meters to the goal
-All players in the Senegalese half for the final minutes but Danmark, who look tired, cannot find a hole.
final score 1:1
The weather factor might have helped Senegal a bit against very smart Danes. The Africans were closer to winning the match in the second half than the Europeans.

Jun 6 0900 GMT  Cameroon -Saudi Arabia 1:0 (final score)
A difficult match for Cameroon: Saudi Arabia is much more familiar and less afraid of the African style than of the German one. Cameroon needs a draw to be in a position to adavance by beating Germany in the third match. Or: winning by 9 goals to be able to advance by a draw in the last match. Or: Winning as high as possible and hoping that the Irish will not be able to do the same. But this is an energy consuming option.
Anyway the Saudis have to be beaten at all first as Arabian teams have proven to be a tough nut in various FIFA competitions for Africans.
1st half:
-('1) Cameroon with a blitz start and Ngom Kome who is in for Olembe wants a penalty, but the ref seems right in waving on.
-'1-'10 Cameroon look focussed and concentrated, but the Saudis seem less intimidated today and catch a mispositioned Cameroonian defence on a counter attack which is eventually stopped by offside.
As expected it is easier for them to stop the Cameroonian short passes and dribblings on the ground as it had been with the wide long balls of the Germans.
-('9) first big opportunity for Saudi Arabia, but Al Dossary's header goes across the bar
-('10) Wome sees yellow for a foul in midfield.
-('12) Mboma scores but is offside
-'11-'20 Cameroon attack with a lot of players what makes the Saudis dangerous at counter situations. The Africans should not think too much about goal difference before they do not have the match in the bag.
Germany defeated Saudi Arabia by wing play, crosses and headers. Cameroon try through the middle a lot but it is obstructed.
-'21-'30 The Saudis operate with long balls on Al Dossary who looks dangerous. Cameroons best scenes are a Wome free kick and a Mboma header, Saudis have one promising attack, too.
-('35) The most conspicious Saudi attacker Al Dossary injures himself without contact with an opponent and has to be substituted. The Saudi Arabians have a free kick but Alioum does well in grabbing the ball.
-'36-40 Cameroon have started to use crosses and the Saudi defence shows effect
-('42) But it is Saudi Arabia who have a chance by substitute Al Yami when cameroon defence takes a situation too easy
-('43) Foe scores on a header and is ruled offside. The decision is wrong as it had not been him but another attacker. It is very annoying at this would have been a very good moment to shatter the Saudi confidence.
-('45+1) instead it almost rings at the other side when a forward ball is intercepted, quickly played to Al Yami who just targets wide from 16 meters.
2nd half:
-'46-'55 Cameroon furiously attacking, with many goal scenes, and Saudi Arabia continue to seek their lone striker with long balls
-('58) Alioum saves Cameroon as he parries the shot of a broken through attacker. Al Yami sees yellow for simulation when he and Alioum chase for the loose ball
-('62) Olembe, who has come on as substitute and makes a lot of noise now, narrowly wide from outside the penalty area
-('65) through ball on Eto'o who is one on one against the keeper and scores by the outside of his right foot - 1:0
-'66-'75 Cameroon have an opportunity right away but in the following it is Saudi Arabia who attack and Olembe is lucky when his foul is ruled outside the penalty area. Both bring on substitutes (Ndiefi replaces Mboma for Cameroon). Cameroon have problems to interrupt the fluent passing game their opponents use now instead of the long balls because they are attacking with more players.
-('78) Saudi Arbaia: Al Temyat who has been one of the most conspicious players fires two dangerous shots from outside the penalty area, both just wide
-('85) cross fraom the right (Lauren) and Ndiefi fires wide from a rather difficult angle
-('87) neat attack, and Geremi sets up Olembe but he shoots high across the bar from 15 meters
-Cameroons physical condition seems better than in the first match but still not perfect. But the Saudi Arabians seem even more tired
-('88) which proves an easy Foe solorun through several defenders who cannot follow, eventually Foe fires far wide
final score 1:0
Cameroon have won a very very difficult game

Jun 6 1130 GMT  France -Uruguay 0:0 (final score)
1st half:
some tough luck for France: a harsh red card after only 25 minutes against Henry who came a little too late and hit an opponent with his sole. And a free kick by Petit against the goalpost.
Uruguay in the beginning imitating the Senegalese but later with at least 50% of the midfield.
The crowd, fired up by various repetitions on the screen inside the stadium, got more and more furious with the referee and Uruguay especially when Viera had to be carried of with a strechter after a foul by Silva which had a similarity with the one of Henry but was not even awarded a free kick.
In the atmosphere the match became more and more ill tempered.
2nd half:
France took chances and both had several opportunities in a thrilling second half.
A loss had meant go home for the loser and after themselves having a good opportuity ('89), France ran into a counter ('90) but escaped desaster thanks to Barthez who made a huge save with his left leg against Magallanes?.
Now both are still in the race 

day 8
Jun 6 630 GMT  Nigeria - Sweden  1:2 (final score)

1st half:
-'1-'5 Sweden with three chances in the first minutes, one very big, just deflected wide. All to see from Nigeria was a spectacular Okocha dribbling in midfield. 
-'5-'10 Nigeria now at least with some ball possession, but it is again Sweden who have another goal scene
-('12) the first opportunity for Nigeria when a great Okocha cross finds ? at the second goal post, but he is not able to control the ball 
-('17) Udeze gets a free kick on the left hand side and Okocha tries a direct shot which is dangerous by its power but a little too high
-Nigeria have setlled a bit and are happy that the match has not taken the same scorelineas the Danmark match four years ago, yet:
-('20) Nigeria three times lucky once more: no penalty after a tackle against Larsson, a Ljunberg solorun stopped at the last moment, and a header scratched off the line at the ensuing corner
-('27) out of nothing,: cross from the right by Yobo and Aghahowa, high in the air, makes a great header into the second corner - 0:1
-Sweden had not been tight at their opponents, a disillusion of superiority?
-('31) the Swedish captain Mjallby sees a harsh yellow card for simulation when a Nigerian defender strips the ball from his feet inside the Nigerian penalty area
-('33) a superpass by Okocha minimum 60 meters, but Ogbeche is stopped in the last moment
-('35) through ball on Larsson who scores by a low shot into the first corner from half left side, 15 meters - 1:1
-('37) almost the goal of the tournament by Okocha: he dribbles through the entire Swedish defence but his eventual shot is directed wide. The Swedish, completely dizzy and without orientation shoot the ball against each other and then the goalpost in panic but it bounces back into the field.
-('39) Ogbeche across the bar with a dangerous shot
Sweden better in the team aspects: better organisation, much better passing game. Nigeria still playing like the newly composed team they are, but finding better into the match towards halftime, while Sweden apparently tiring.
An insane world class Okocha the outstanding player so far.

2nd half:
-'46-'50 Lively match with a more determined attacking Nigeria, and Swdish counters with a lot of space - two good scenes on each side
-'51-'60 Nigeria play more than 5 minutes with 10 men when West has to be treated because of a bleeding eyebrow injury.
-('61) terrible goalkick by Nigerian keeper Shoronmu and Sweden run into the penalty area with the ball, foul on Larsson, penalty
-('62) Larsson converts the penalty  - 1:2
-The goal came just when the momentum of the match slowly but continously had shifted in favour of the Africans.
-('66) Kanu in for Babayaro. Kanu had been injured in the first match.
-('68) Sweden have Nigeria outnumbered on a counter attack, play it well, but the eventual shot is right on the body of Shoronmu
-('70) Ikedia in for Ogbeche
-('71) Okocha cross finds West in almost perfect position but his header is not so perfect and goes wide
-('73) Nigeria have clearly accalerated the match but also expose spaces for dangerous counter attacks, one very dangerous looking, but Larsson is stopped
-('74) Okocha fires wide
-('78) Okocha has a less impressive second half and loses a couple of balls, maybe due to tiredness
-('81) Okocha sets up Utaka who curves around the keeper but a defender scratches his ball off the line
-('82) Yobo, one of the most conspicious players, fires from 17 meters - aginst the goalpost
-('85) another chance for the Nigerians after a free kick from the right hand side, but too many Swedes screen their goal
-('88) Sweden smartly protect the ball, work out throw ins and free kicks
-('90) Kanu tries a hidden lob from 15 meters but Swedish keeper Hedman flies and grabs the ball
-three minutes injury time, no more chances

final score 1:2
Nigeria are eliminated. 
Again (compare Tunisia - Russia) a goalkeeping error spoiled a match for an African team that looked like to run their way. It is a pity, Nigeria perhaps with the best attacking potential of all African teams will go nowhere without a handful of keepers of international standard like Cameroon have. At this level where teams are so close to each other in their standards, such errors make the difference. Good reflexes are not enough. And if a team knows he is not well at kicking goalkicks another player has to take them.

Jun 6 0900 GMT  Spain - Paraguay 3:1 (final score)
Praguay took an early lead thanks to an own goal by Puyol who was unlucky that a Casillas save bounced against his leg. Spain determined the match attacking from now but it took until into the second half before Morientes headed home the equaliser after a corner.
Morientes scored his second with his body when Chilavert missed a cross from the Spanish left hand attacking side and Hierro converted a penalty after a holding against Raul.
Spain are the first team to have qualified for the second round

Jun 6 1130 GMT  Argentina - England 0:1 (final score)
In a more fought than played first half England took the lead on a penalty converted by David Beckham. Owen seemed to have had contact with an Argentinian defender before going down.
At halftime Argentine sensation Pablo Aimar (The Shot's nickname for the favorite player of the last 6 months: 'Harry Potter') replaced Veron and from now on conducted the Argentinian game in a fantastic fashion. More changes brought Crespo for Battistuta and Lopez for Gonzales. 
While in the first 20 minutes of the half England had big counter opportunities, for the rest of the half the Europeans rarely crossed the midfield line. In the last minutes all 11 English players were drawn back into and around their penalty area forcing crosses which they defended quite well.
An exciting second half, do not count Argentina out yet.

day 9
Jun 8 0630 GMT  South Africa - Slovenia 1:0 (final score)
-'1-'3  Better start for Slovenia. Physically present they work out a good chance right away in a header just wide
-('4) The first attack of the Africans leads to a free kick on the left hand side. The cross flies in, there is a complete mismatch in the Slovenian defence and Nomvete, all on his own heads home - 1:0
In fact it wasn't even a clean header - he seems to have missed the ball with his head and accidentally deflected it into the goal by his thigh.
-'5-'15 Slovenia continue to dominate the match and are successful in provoking free kicks and a yellow card for Radebe.
-'16-'30 A couple of free kick situations for Slovenia who continue to take fouls (no fakes). But overall now a mifield affair. 
Slovenia are a team of tall strong players, still technically well and unconfortable to play against. Among their victims in the qualifiers have been Romania.
-'31-'45 One and one or two half promising attacks on each side. 
halftime 1:0
A hard fought match with inumerous challenges all over the field. Slovenia seemed to get more tired towards the end of the half and South Africa won more one against one situations (The match is played in the hotter afternoon condidtions, 630 GMT is 1530 local time)

-'46-'50 South Africa with the better start and a McCarthy shot saved by the Slovenian keeper. Slovenian coach Katanec who had been moaning at the referee all through the first half is adviced to leave the bench by the fourth official.
-'51-'60 South African dominance continues and they have a chance after 55 minutes. One consequence is there is more room for Slovenian counter attacks now, yet all intercepted by the South African defenders.
-('62) The referee team seem to made up their mind during the intermission about the Slovenian tactics of provoking fouls, and the referee now gives less free kicks and a yellow card for simulation, furiously argumented by the Slovenian captain what results in a caution for him, too.
-('64) South Africa break through on the left and McCarthy heads against the outside of the goalpost
-('65) A neat attack by the South African follows, this time over the right hand side. this time McCarthy fires directly into the arms of the keeper
-('70) big opportunity for Slovenia, but Arendse can bravely save the Pavlin header which is targeted too close to the keeper
-('72) school football basics #5: you do not make substitutions when your opponent has a set piece around your penalty area (to prevent from marking mismatches). South Africa do it anyway (corner) and get awa with it. (To the defence of the South Africans one has to say here that in modern football with its sideline bureaucracy it is difficult if not impossible to time substitutions exaclty as desired)
-('78) McCarthy wants to shoot, a Slovenian defender puts his boot in and McCarthys foot in shooting movement hits it with full power. No penalty, no indirect free kick, says the referee. McCarthy has to get carried off and substituted. There have been penalties for less at this tournament.
-('81) dangerous 20 meter attempt by Slovenia, across the goal
-Many South African attacks have been spoiled by missunderstandings or inaccurate passing throughout the match
-('85) South African keeper Arendse with difficulties at a dangerous corner but a fast counter attack develops. Nomvete? sets up Buckley, who had just come on as substitute, but the keeper, in a one on one situation, can deflect his attempt for a corner.
-('87) a good counter situation for South Africa, again not perfectly executed
-('88) a lot of energy consuming work once more resulting from bad passing for the South Africans
-('90) South African free kick, into the wall
-('90+1) Arendse does not seem to have a strong leg as his kick off is quite short and leads to a Slovenian counter attack when the Africans lose the header in early midfield. Fortunately they are able to stop the attackers..
-('90+3) South Africa waste another counter situation by bad play and almost run into a counter themselves, but the referee says time over
final score 1:0
South Africa less inspired in attack but with fewer mistakes in defence than in the first match. Keeper Arendse with a better match, too.
Slovenia are eliminated.

Jun 8 0900 GMT  Italy - Croatia 1:2 (final score)
1st half:
After a shaky start a slightly renovated Croatian squad surprisingly got more of the match, getting better into challenges and being able to play out goal scenes. The injured Nesta had to be substituted on Italian side.
Italy had opted for the more defensive formation again.
2nd half:
Italy began much stronger in the second half and logically took the lead by Vieri. But again the Croats in the course of the second half grew stronger and turned the match around within a  few minutes. Italy now pressured furiously but were very unlucky when totti hit the goalpost with a fantastic free kick. Italy had a goal disallowed in injury time for an alleged foul by Inzaghi. The foul had been indicated by the same linesman who before already had made a wrong offside call when Vieri had first scored minutes before Italy eventually had taken the lead.

Jun 8 1130 GMT  Brazil - China 4:0 (final score)
China seemed to do the right thing: surprisingly they played attacking football, a complete turn from their opening match strategy. And in the opening quarter they obviously were able to keep the match balanced before the individual class of the Brazilians emerged: Robarto Carlos blasted a freekick into the triangle of the keepers corner. 
China played a fine match but in front of the two goals the concentrated Brazilians were clearly the boss. Rivaldo, Ronaldinho (1st half), Ronaldo added more goals, China came as close as the goal post.

day 10
Jun 9 0630 GMT  Mexico - Ecuador 2:1 (final score)
1st half:
Ecuador took the early when Delgados powerful header proved too much for 1m71 Oscar Perez, the Mexican keeper. Mexico worked hard, applying their sophisticated short passing, created chances and got the deserved equaliser before halftime.
2nd half:
Torrado provided the lead when he fired into the second corner from 20 meters. More chances for Mexico followed, among them a ball against the goalpost. The Central Americans at this point seemed to have more reserves, like already in the first match. There were very few but then dangerous individual counter situations by the fast and powerful Ecuador forwards. After 70 minutes the Mexicans had the South Americans completely nailed into their half and pressured for the decisive third goal.
But it was Perez after 80 minutes who saved the lead against the broken through Tenorio. Now Ecuador found back into the match and suddenly nervous Mexico had to focus on defending.
They survived a scare when Ayovis 20 meter ball rolled just wide with the keeper beaten after 86 minutes. Ecuador easily threw the Mexican defense into chaos with long high balls into the penalty area and the Mexicans unlike the 75 minutes before and the Croatia game were not able to monopolise the ball. 
Still they had an opportunity after 90 minutes to score an important third goal in a group which threatens to end in a three way tie.
From the 5th to the 80th minute a very good game by the Mexicans. It would be a great injustice if the Central Americans became the victims of the questionable refereeing in the Italy-Croatia match.

Jun 9 0900 GMT  Costa Rica - Turkey 1:1 (final score)
1st half:
An embarassing act of playacting by Turkish #22 Ümit Davala earned his opponent a yellow card in an equiliberated first half in which the conspicious individuals of the Central Americans (Martiez, Lopez, Wanchope, Wright) suggested their great potential and had the best chance when #10 Walter Centeno eas played free but targeted across the bar from 15 meters with free way to the goal. 
2nd half:
Costa Rica had been very adroit in tight midfield challenges and so the turkish now tried with long balls and immediately had a few opportunities. Costa Rica answeredquickly but Gomez targeted wide.
Turkey took the surprise lead after 56 minutes through Emre in his second effort, surprising also because the goal came through short passing play on the ground in which Costa Rica had been superior.
Costa Rica immediately accelerated the pace and relentlessly pressured the Turkish goal. 
But it took until the 86th minute before Winston Parks, who had come on as substitute, fired home the equaliser from short range.
Turkey now exposed their defence in exciting last minutes, had a good opportunity but Costa Rica should have won the match when Winston Parks on a counter attack had curved around the keeper to fire wide on the empty goal from half left.

Jun 9 1130 GMT  Japan - Russia 1:0 (final score)
It remains the subject of speculation why Japanese coach tailored his team of smaller skillful passing and extensively running players (without the only impact striker Takahara) a British / German style of game instead of the before prefered short passing. Definitively this up and down excites the crowds and though Japanese strikers hardly ever get a chance of shooting at the goal the midfielders get into scoring position several times.
Ironically it was a fast combination on the ground which provided the lead through Inamoto short after the break. From then on Russia pressured and the Japanese were lucky, especially  when Bestschadtnich threw away the equaliser some minutes later.
For admirers who have seen Japan successful runners up at the World Youth championships 1999 and at the Confederations Cup 2001 (where they eliminated Brazil), there remains a little disappointment, but the Japanese might improve, as now with second round qualification looming, confidence will surely grow.

day 11
Jun 10 0630 GMT  Korea - USA 1:1 (final score)
1st half
Korea began very strong and pressured immediately for the first goal. On a rare occasion of USA attacks the Americans exploited a defensive mismatch (one player did not play offside) by athrough ball on Clint Mathis who scored in perfect manor. The USA continued to work concentrated and defending became easier agianst the now more nervous Koreans. 'Is this the host bonus?', the Americans must have asked themselves when the referee gifted Korea with a penalty a few minutes before halftime. But the pressure proved too much for Lee and Friedel parried his weak targeted onto the left corner.
2nd half
A typical confidence game. With the lead in the back the USA defence won the challenges and the Koreans were nervous on the rare occasions they came through. On the other side few but very dangerous counter attacks exposed the nervousness of the Korean defence easily and the US were closer to the second goal despite the huge crowd support and extensive running and midfield superiority of the Koreans.
But in the 78th minute a long free kick cross found Perugia star Ahn who scored with i´his head into the second corner.
The Americans continued to be more present until in the 89th minute #13 Eul Yong Lee perfectly played through on the left hand side teased Friedel out of his goal, passed back in front of the goal where Choi took the ball directly and shoved it across the empty goal (the ball was not easy to take because it bounced a little, still it seemed an occasion that should have been converted).


Jun 10 0900 GMT  Tunisia - Belgium 1:1 (final score)
1st half
-'1-'10 Both try to find into the match, equally balanced match
-('11) first sign of chaos in the Tunisian penalty area, keeper Boumnijel can clear by his fist in the last moment
-('12) A cross from the right to the second goal post, the ball is played in front of the goal where Wilmots is unmarked and scores easily - 1:0
-('15) Spectacular bycicle kick by Gabsi, but too harmless for the keeper
-('16) Tunisia are unlucky that the referee blows his whistle too early and a magnificient goal from long range does not count
-('17) But at last the unlucky run ends: Boaziene converts the free kick in fantastic fashion, a curved ball into the triangle - 1:1
-('18) Tunisia: Melki does not get what seems a penalty
-('19) Tunisia, fired up, continue to play out goal scenes
-('22) Belgium strike back with a big chance for Goor, just deflected for a corner
-a very entertaining match
-'23-'30  balanced match again
-'31-'35 Belgium work out a couple of dangerous free kick situations, two low attempts with power get stuck in the feet of the Tunisian defence
-('37) Tunisia: Trabelsi breaks through on the right but Belgian keeper De Vlieger can deflect his cross before Jaziri who is unmarked and ready to score
-'38-'45 Tunisia who have played attacking football before does not attack with enough players when having counter situations as the Belgians seem to lose concentration towards the end of the half.
halftime 1:1
2nd half
-('50) Tunisia: Ghodhbane volleys from 20 meters, the ball flies wide by centimeters with the keeper beaten
-('56) Belgium: huge opportunity but Sonck misses a cross by millimeters and it sails on wide
-'57-'60 Tunisia too far drawn back. This makes it easy for Belgium to intercept the North Africans in midfield and torment the defence with dangerous crosses
-('64) Boumnijel rescues against the broken through Van der Heyden?
-('67) a clear sign by the Tunisian coach for his now shy and nervous squad: Sellimi comes in for Gabsi
-'78-'76 Belgium completely dominating the match, Tunisia lucky to conserve the score 
-('77) Zitouni in for Jaziri
-('84) Great free kick opportunity for Tunisia but one player in the Belgian wall rises high and deflects the apparently dangerous ball by his head. Sensational defensive play.
-('89) Baya in for Melki
-('90+1) De Vlieger saves a 20 meter attempt after a corner, right on his body
-('90+2) Tunisia have a late pressure period, nailing Belgium into  their half
-('90+3) Belgium answers: Sonck shoots wide by a meter
-('90+3) Ghodbane from 25 meters across the bar
final score 1:1
A surprise loss of confidence of the Tunisians in the second half and logically another African match with one goal or less.
Tunisia now need a win against Japan by two goals to advance.

Jun 10 1130 GMT  Portugal - Poland 4:0 (final score)
Portugal took the first half lead through Pauleta in heavy rain. Poland attacked but only had few clearcut chances. In second half they had a goal disallowed for foul against the keeper and Pauletas second goal shattered what was left of their confidence. Now Portugal had it easy, added another through Pauleta, his third, and a fourth through Rui Costa. More chances, among them a Figo ball against the goalpost. Poland eliminated.

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