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African Players 
Club vs. country - 
not only the players problems
pros and cons of midweek matches 
editorial comment
The African footballer of the 90's
The result of the poll
Shots (will they make it?) -African Players in Germany
the stars of today and tomorrow
African Competitions and Nations 
African Cup of Nations 2006
new experiment:  soon here other reporters will be able to integrate Live coverages  from anywhere
new experiment:  soon here other reporters will be able to integrate Live coverages  from anywhere
World Cup 2006 qualifiers
The coverage now in The Shot Net writersclub
center for live and uptodate coverages
African Cup of Nations 2004
The big coverage
Can Africa win a third time?
see also:
The African Olympic Qualifiers
African Cup of Nations 2002
the big coverage 
The African Champions League
including match reports
African qualification for World Cup 2002
including detailed match reports
The ambitious challenge of Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco 
see also:
The African Olympic Qualifiers
Football from Tunisia and Northern Africa
Background stories from an in the English speaking football news portals underrepresented region 
African Football after 2000 and before 2001
editorial comment
African Cup of Nations 2000
African Cup of Nations 1998 - February 98 at Burkina Faso
huge documentation
The African continental club competitions
The Champions League has arrived
World Cup 98: African Qualification Preliminaries
The big World Cup coverage like other World tournaments you find at Football Today
Football 2002 - The Golden Eagle Vision
Will the defending world champion be from Africa?
article from before the World Cup 98
Index of the African associations
(Links and informations on the countries, will be constantly developed!)
Africa Magazine of **###Institut für universelle Zusammenhänge
the countries and people behind the Yeboahs, Okochas and Yekinis. How to find out on Africa
links & sources 
NEW: A tool for invited (African) Authors to publish their articles in an international context, get into exchange of views, discussion, and make known their own domestic projects
African Soccer news ressources
The Internet changes every day:
In this document you will find the best sources of the past two months, where to get the most recent results and where to look at statistics.
The African Football Yearbook 2000
the 'essential guide to African Football
some random archive material
from the earlier times...
you can help: for a future series that will introduce some African nations and their football (history), guest writers are welcome who can deliver a short summery of particular football scenes. mail to: [ Mail ]

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