The Shot club membership is a mixture between a support membership and an offer of possible mixed benefits for the club member.
Those benefits will be individualised and flexible and what is possible will depend on f.e. where you live, what you expect and what will be possible.
Depending on the level of your club membership (bronze, silver, gold) they correspond to a number of 'consulting points'. 

So you can make individual requests and, if it is possible for The Shot to help you, you will be charged a certain number of consulting points from your club account.

Not everything will be possible for everybody, sendings of shirts, videos or the number of points charged f.e. will depend on where you live. If you intend to become a member because you are expecting a particular service, please ask first about whether it is possible at all.
The idea is to create a pool from which support for club members and websites is possible. A core idea remains the support of new ideas and projects connected to which is an attempt to build a frame support network for African football and African websites.

Some examples: Consulting The Shot service is possible if you seek help in building a website (for example for your club), advertising in the newsletter, advertising classifieds in a new section, access to the video library of or a research for a player in the videos by the-shot, have research questions about African football or Germany. How about a personal result notification by phone, a possible design of a shirt or similar, a CD, whatever. The Shot has received a lot of requests in the past which could not be helped because of the lack of funds and infrastructure. With this club and and the builduing of some realisations might become possible for the benefit of members.
With the connection to in the background The Shot can supply you with ideas on innovations, concepts etc.. might try to answer your question or connect you to somebody who might be able to.

Please understand that those are just examples and that they all depend on the level of your membership. It is a club membership that is offered, not a particular service. 

You can upgrade and refresh membership at every time. Membership fees are not refundable.

Bronze Membership
The Bronze membership is a rather symbolical support membership.
But apart from your still important contribution to the development of The-Shot.Net you will have access to a membership forum which will be available soon and where you can get help from other members and can take part in the discussion of how to strengthen African football and its development on the World Wide Web and so have influence on the future of The Shot.
Some small email consulting might be possible also.
Membership is good for one year and your club account will start with 5 points.
You will be charged 10 EURO, which at the moment* is below $9 (US Dollar) *=Feb 4, 2002
> no credit card?
Silver Membership
The Silver membership is a basic membership which gives your support more substance.
From the number of points connected to it there is more room to request some small indvidual help or service. 
Silver membership contains all features of Bronze membership.
Membership is good for two years and your club account will start with 50 points.
You will be charged 100 EURO, which at the moment* is below $90 (US Dollar) *=Feb 4, 2002
> no credit card?
Gold Membership
The Gold membership is an impact membership which could make synergies between you and or The-Shot.Net possible.
Gold membership contains all features of Silver and Bronze memberships.
Membership is good for two years and your club account will start with 500 points.
You will be charged 990 EURO, which at the moment* is below $900 (US Dollar) *=Feb 4, 2002
> no credit card?
Platinum membership and individual solutions
A platinum membership is for bigger projects and should be individually discussed.
It can reach from investments into projects or takeover of projects to a bigger project you ask The Shot to help you with.
Also it will be possible to purchase particular services or points without being forced to upgrade when a request does not fit into this scheme. 
For an individual solution just get into contact with or